8-Bit Reggae: Collision and Creolization

8-Bit Reggae: Collision and Creolization is a book about the unexpected and intriguing culture collision between video game culture and reggae/dub. Why were 8-bit machines like the Commodore 64 or the Nintendo NES used to recreate Jamaicans riddims ? How did such a curious assemblage of rhythms, objects and game systems happen ? Was it because of the nature of the various sub-cultures ? Or was it just a fortuitous exchange between reggae music and 8-bit computing ? This book answers these questions and address the unlikely encounter of Jamaican music with the video game world.

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Text : Nicolas Nova
Graphic design : Étienne Mineur & Julie Chane-Hive / éditions volumiques
Proofreading : Michèle Laird
112 pages in color | 148mm/210mm