Back to the Near Future Laboratory Stickers

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A pack of 5 'Back to the Near Future Laboratory' stickers celebrating October 21st 2015 — Back to the Future Day — that marked the arrival date of Marty McFly, Jennifer and Doc in the flying DeLorean. 

As designers, we need to understand that the thing we are designing will exist as part of a system. The more of that system we can render, the better our audience will handle new ideas. In order to believe in the hoverboard, it’s helpful to see the evolution of Pepsi, Nike, Black and Decker and Texaco. In order to relate to the
future of video-conferencing it should be shown a little bit broken. In order to believe in the people of the future they should be regular, flawed folks. Back to the Future 2 does all these things very well and should be celebrated.