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Design Fiction Big Box Set

Design Fiction Big Box Set

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It's a Party.

It's a Design Fiction Barbecue in a Box.

Get the 3 most popular products in the shop in one fell swoop and save more than 20% over each separately!

No fuss, no muss.

The Design Fiction Box Set is The What? (TBD Catalog), The Why (The Reader's Guide) and The How (The Manual of Design Fiction) all in one box!

It's like having the burger, the bun, and the fries all together on one plate.

What do you mean?

Well — you've got your Manual of Design Fiction, which is The How — a comprehensive guide to how to do Design Fiction, and how we've done it over the last 15 years.

Then there's your TBD Catalog 10th Anniversary Edition — The What. The most comprehensive and canonical exemplar of Design Fiction and your best reference for what a Design Fiction feels like. TBD Catalog is a catalog full of products from some possible future all cobbled together with the collective will of some bright, misguided, confused creative folks who sat in a room 10 years ago and wondered — "I wonder what a product catalog from the future might have in it?"

And then, finally The Reader's Guide to the Manual of Design Fiction. This gets to perhaps the most important motivation behind Design Fiction because you don't really want to do something "just 'cause". The Reader's Guide takes an engaging, witty, and deep look at why Design Fiction and imagining possibility is existentially critical to addressing the substantial challenges we face as we try to materialize more habitable near future worlds (and why we must do it with a sense of play, humor, and creativity rather than dour, dire, doom-and-gloom surrender.)

The Design Fiction Box Set will be available for a limited time only!

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