The Manual of Design Fiction

Coming in 2022

Design Fiction as an approach to addressing the challenges facing today’s organizations that the old PowerPoint and Post-it Design Processes simply do not address. It helps develop unique, compelling representations of your future that anticipate unforeseen consequences, de-risk bold decision making, and identify (and reveal) a range of possible-probable futures. Rather than predicting futures, Design Fiction is a way to explore the implications of your futures, and represent those implications through artifacts.

This Manual of Design Fiction is a definitive text on the practice of Design Fiction. It is a canonical how-to guide with a catalog of relevant projects and the trajectory of the Near Future Laboratory over the 14 years working together.

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by Julian Bleecker, Nick Foster, 
Fabien Girardin and Nicolas Nova
In collaboration with No Media and Israel Viadest
Publisher: Near Future Laboratory (2022)
Language: English