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Design Fiction Product Design Work Kit 0-TBD-D012

Design Fiction Product Design Work Kit 0-TBD-D012

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These appear to be the standard Design Fiction Product Design Work Kit. It is identical in most respects to the original, based as it is on a copy of the original schema, found last year in storage during a division audit.

(Order together with TBD Catalog and get the same flat rate shipping.)

The contents include:
* 1 (one) 52 card DF-DBCPC 0-7 Design Fiction Design Brief Creation Playing Cards Deck
* 1 (one) DF-PDIR 0-7 Design Fiction Product Design Idiom Reference
* 1 (one) squal of ISO 216 blank playing cards
* 1 (one) 16mm d6 die
* 1 (one) 16mm blank die

We have a limited number available, all in new condition.

The instructions read:

The core element of this work kit is the most atomic of design briefs. By using the Design Fiction, Design Brief Creation Playing Cards (DF-DBCPC 0-7) one can define the core elements of a designed product. One card from each color assigns the prompts for what the product is. These elements can be adorned as one sees fit, using the DF-PDIR 0-7, for example, to factor in additional attributes, names, brands, &c.

Each reference idiom can be randomly or algorithmically chosen as needed during, for example, the MadLibs® design phase, product definition, brief creation, in response to drawing a Joker from the DF-DBCPC 0-7, or as additions and variations to the DF-DBCPC 0-7 Attribute, Object or Design Action cards.

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