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Helios: Pilot Quick Start Guide

Helios: Pilot Quick Start Guide

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It's easy to speculate about the self-driving car. But, touch on the topic of allowing one's self-driving car to be used in the Uber network of modern-day taxis immediately begs the question — what do you do if you forget a bag of groceries after sending it into Uber mode? Will there be a geo-fencing mechanisms to control where the car goes — and how fast it goes — when you give the "keys" to your teenage son to take to football practice. How does the car pickup groceries — and how do you upload the list — when you send it on errands?

To spark a conversation around the larger questions regarding a world of autonomous vehicles, we set about to create a tangible artifact from the near future of the self-driving car. We ran a workshop at IxDA 2015 in collaboration with students from the CCA and conference participants to create the interaction design for a self-driving car. We did this as a way of digging into the details, discussing the known topics and raising many more unknown ones. Our design brief: Represent the features, attributes, characteristics and behaviors of the self-driving car and its requisite "ecosystems" through the vehicle's Quick Start Guide.

The result in the form of a fictional Quick Start Guide helps:

  • Get a feel of the things you might do first and do often with your first self-driving vehicle.
  • Experience the consequences and implications of a world with self-driving vehicles.
  • Discover how Design Fiction can help you discover the unknown unknowns for your projects.


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