An Ikea Catalog from the Near Future

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Ask yourself — in the IoT future, what role might Ikea play? They make 'things', don't they? And not just hokey, silly, confusing things, things that normal humans can understand, like chairs, beds, lamps, pet combs and kitchen counters. Well, we have some answers based on a design brief to consider the IoT future through the nearly ubiquitous Ikea catalog.

Another Design Fiction endeavor from the Near Future Laboratory — we hereby offer for non-exclusive partially-free download a representation of Ikea, featuring Scandinavian modern style furniture and accessories from a semi-probable, partially-likely near future. (Include storage options, lighting, decor products, kitchen appliances and pet care.)

Created in collaboration with the students and researchers at Mobile Life Center with design produced by Boris Design

Read more about the catalog in our Medium post