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Map of Geneva for Autonomous Vehicles

Map of Geneva for Autonomous Vehicles

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When investigating “what if” scenarios around automated driving and the implications for urban policy, it is easy to skip over uncomfortable details in favor of the “big picture”. We created a physical map for a city as might be given out to the public to generate debates about the challenges that would be faced, the failures that might occur, the brand names of services, new kinds of signage, etcetera.  It particularly shows how:

  • Urban traffic may be reconfigured and redefine what is acceptable on certain streets (pedestrian movements, presence of non-autonomous vehicles)
  • The energy infrastructure needed for this technology to happen

The map acts as a tangible future for a group of people with conflicting opinions to debate about the uses of Autonomous Vehicles and their implications. It was commissioned by Département de la Mobilité de l’Etat de Genève and designed by Israel Viadest.

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