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2021 Work Kit of Design Fiction

2021 Work Kit of Design Fiction

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The 2021 Work Kit of Design Fiction!

A wonderful companion to The Manual of Design Fiction!

This edition of the Design Fiction Work Kit is similar to the previous generation of Design Fiction Work Kits.

126 total cards, revised and based on user feedback and our infinitely constant regression testing, the components have been updated, hardened, and field tested to create the latest generative tool to help imagine possible near futures.

Many authorities consider this to be the definitive construction kit for imagining material cultural artifacts representing the symptoms & implications of all kinds of futures, including Solarpunk futures, autonomous vehicle futures, VTOL futures, breakfast futures, and many, many other futures.

Perfect for doing your Daily Design Fiction exercises! It's like Pilates, only for your brain. That is, it hurts to Imagine Harder, but this kit will let you get your Jack LaLanne brainercise on real proper like.

Contained within this Work Kit are nearly an infinitely large combination leading to the most innovative Design Fiction Product Designs. Someone can do the math, but the number of combinations are crazy ginormous.

Chose one from each major category including: Archetype, Tone, Object, Attribute, Action and a unique, proprietary 70/20/10 Jokers that will seal the deal!

Useful for ideation, stretching the imagination, and bulking up your foresight futurist sense-making musculature. 

Limited availability. Limited drop. The last kit? It sold out in less than 2 days. (Just sayin'..)

Every order comes with an invitation to the Near Future Laboratory Discord. First 50 orders come with a super secret enamel pin that'll be so cool to wear, promise.

126 Cards, 63×88mm, Custom Smooth Laminated Box.

Ships pretty much everywhere except when the shipping system breaks and Chester in logistics decides he's just about had enough of that.

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